Alicia Boss chic – I am 23 but I can’t reveal my year of birth

Alicia Boss Chic

Kampala City socialite and marketeer for the surrounding night clubs Alicia Boss Chic took a dig at Uganda’s men. In addition, she said all this in an interview with NBS TV’s Kayz last night. Alicia boss chic said that there is no Ugandan man of her type she feels she can marry. She, however, referred to singer and American based rapper 50 Cents or Bill Gates, the world’s richest man.

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Alicia Boss Chic used to work in bars around Kololo in Kampala. However, according to trusted sources of information, it’s alleged that Alicia Boss Chic sells her sumbie for survival. Hmmm.. she denied all these allegations and therefore assured those thinking she survives on big cassava’s to mind their own businesses.

“I am a hard-working woman. Therefore I don’t need a man to survive in this trying world. In fact, I am rich. In addition, I take good care of myself as you can see,” Alicia Boss Chic said.

The 23-year-old went on loggerheads with Uganda’s number one female socialite Bad Black.

Boss Chic said she does not sell her sumbie like Bad Black who does it publicly, however, our concern is, Does she sell it privately

… In addition, Alicia went on to attack singer and mother Desire Luzinda, the kitone master who leaked her nudes on all social media platforms way back.

In an interview with struggling Kayz, Alicia Boss Chic showed her level of understanding when it came to revealing her age…

“I am 23 years old, however, I can not reveal the year in which I was born Live on air. In addition, this is because ladies don’t reveal their ages,” Alicia Boss strongly answered.

The 23-year-old also denied allegations of her bleaching her skin to compete with Uganda’s boss lady Zari Hassan. She confirmed how she has a natural skin and thus no need to bleach…

“I am naturally beautiful, therefore, I don’t think I can wake up one morning and start bleaching,” Boss Chic said.

Who is Alicia Boss Chic?

Alicia Boss Chic

Alicia Kembabaz alias Boss Chic is a Socialite, singer, MC, and slay queen from Uganda. Boss Chic was born in 1997. She is a Marketeer around the Kololo night clubs and bars. In addition, she is well known for selling off her sumbie to the Dons of Kampala secretly…

Boss Chic’s Net Worth

Ahhh, nothing much is known about Alicia’s net worth… However, during the interview with Kayz, Alicia revealed that she spends 100K UGX on fuel every day. In addition, she spends over 3M UGX whenever she goes out shopping twice a week… Therefore roughly she spends 6M UGX on shopping per week… Hmm, Keep it at Cyclone Times Uganda for all your celebrity gossip, news, and entertainment updates in Uganda.

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