Alfred Driwale – Insufficient Covid-19 vaccines to delay return to normalcy

Programme Manager of the United National Expanded Programme on Immunization Dr. Alfred Driwale

According to the Programme Manager of the United National Expanded Programme on Immunization Dr. Alfred Driwale, the country’s lockdown is likely to be prolonged.

Alfred Driwale says an earlier lockdown as initially planned may be impose due to insufficient Covid-19 vaccines that are meant to be administered to the number of total population required to open up the country.

Currently, the country is still partially under lockdown as despite the fact that some sectors have been opened, sectors in line with entertainment and performing arts still remain under lockdown.

Many people under this target group have cried out to the head of state to open up so that they can get a chance to go back to their day to day activities.

However, while speaking yesterday during his sixth swearing, President Museveni said fully lifting the lockdown can only be possible if the target number of people have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

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On a daily basis, statistics indicate that 8,170 people get vaccinated and Incase the same trend is maintained, the country shall require an estimated one year and five months before business can go back to normal.

This only means that we shall only go back to normalcy in 2022 after the target population has been reached. Hopefully everything shall go as planned and we shall go back to the normal system.

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