Alcohol, and Sodas: URA actualizes computerized stamps

URA actualizes computerized stamps to Alcohol, and Sodas the first items. Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), has started the usage of the advanced expense stamps on selected items.

However, the income body will place stamps on six merchandise that are; lager, pop, spirits, wines, water and tobacco items.

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) implements digital tax stamp system

The execution of the computerized expense stamps arrangement was affirmed by the URA representative, Vincent Seruma.

URA actualizes computerized stamps
URA actualizes computerized stamps

An administration newspaper gave a week ago from the service of account arranging and monetary advancement. However, it reported that the arrangement would come into power on the first November and organizations. Therefore, these items have a three-months elegance period to introduce computerized stepping machines.

Cyclone times comprehends that driving producers like Mukwano and Harris International, have just introduced the machines at their factories.

URA’s Assistant Commissioner for Public and Corporate Affairs. Mr. Vincent Seruma said; “We might want to ask our partners and makers to grasp the computerized expense stamps. However, there are basic apparatus in the battle against unlawful exchange and fake merchandise. In addition, it improves the responsibility of generation and ensures nearby producers.”

“Uganda isn’t the first in the district to grasp the advanced expense stamps. Therefore, it has been executed in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya and they are profiting by the arrangement,” he included. Therefore, alcohol, and Sodas first as URA actualizes computerized stamps.

Computerized assessment stepping is a 21-st century innovation that permits income bodies to screen progressively the generation limit. In other words, the makers enable the purchasers to cross-check if items are real.

In conclusion, it has been executed in Kenya and Tanzania and has been credited there for improving assessment gathering.

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