Africell Uganda and UBTS join forces to fight COVID-19

Africell Uganda and UBTS

As part of its support for the campaign against COVID-19, Africell Uganda has partnered with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS). In addition, to supplement the government’s efforts to fight the virus. UBTS trying to do whatever possible to enable donors to continue donating blood during this lockdown.

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Africell’s partnership with UTBS entails a comprehensive communication solution designed especially for the service. Therefore enabling its key staff and facilities to communicate freely during a period when restrictions on movement complicate operations such as the collection of blood.

UBTS is a national health agency with a vital role during public health emergencies. It collects and stores blood and replenishes hospital supplies in times of crisis. 

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The comprehensive communication solution comprises three toll-free lines, five phones loaded with 700 minutes of talk-time plus 5GBs each. In addition, and routers loaded with data to ensure that the Blood Bank is accessible at this time. 

“We are pleased to stand with our community at this time of collective uncertainty by offering a complete communication package. This will enable people to reach out freely to the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services. Blood availability is a vital aspect of any public health response and is required to save lives.

Africell’s mission is to connect communities and the partnership we are announcing today enhances our community’s ability to access the blood bank at all times,” Mr. Edgar Karamagi, the Public Relations Officer of Africell said.

On top of the aforementioned package, Africell has pledged to support Uganda Blood Transfusion Services with the promotion of their services using Africell’s extensive digital advertising footprint. The campaigns will be directed by, with support and input from Africell marketing and communications experts in order to maximize impact.

He said the call for continuous blood donation will be greatly enhanced by the quality communication solution that Africell has donated.

We encourage all volunteer donors to reach us on our toll-free lines as follows 0795109595079510908007951085080800122422 and 0414257155.

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