Abalogo capital yabagwako’- Kulthum’s lover Akram mocks haters


Akram the husband to Hajjati Kulthum Muzaata Nabunya has come out to mock haters who thought that his relationship with her would end in tears.

Appearing in a local TV interview, Akram said that all those who were bewitching their marriage no longer have the resources to do so.

He added that these thought their relationship would end in tears but its a pity for them because he’s still with her.

Akram also denied allegations that he’s a Sangoma.

According to him, he’s a certified civil engineer with a company in South Africa.

“I have never been a ‘Omusangoma’. I’m a civil engineer and I have company in South Africa..

Additionally I’m also sorry for all those who thought my love with Hajjati Kulthum was going to end in tears. All those who were trying to bewitch us no longer have capital to go ahead,” Akram said.

Kulthum and Akram are set to wed each other next month.

He jetted in this week and preparations are already underway to have their function become one of the headlining events of the year.

They met a while ago in South Africa while attending a certain conference and started a friendship.

After Kulthum’s husband Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata password away in 2020, a lot mem showed interest in her but it was Akram who won her heart.

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