A pass tells what he treasures most in a relationship

Have you ever heard the saying that single people give the best relationship advice, well it could be true.

Member of SMAU Alexander Bagonza came out to reveal what he treasures most in a relationship and his turn off.

The Wuyo singer wondered why one would remain in abusive relationship.

A pass said values respect more in a relationship than love because love is free to earn unlike respect.

A pass wondered why anyone would want to beat someone’s child when even their parents can nolonger beat them.

He added that the moment you lay a slap on him is the day you pack your bags to your ancestor’s home.

“I don’t how people who claim that when their men don’t beat them it signals that they nolonger love them think. The moment you slap me is the day I chase you out of my home because I can’t hit you back. If ones parents no longer beat them, who are you to beat the.. I treasure respect more than love because you can love anyone,” A pass said.

There you have it, make sure not to hit the goat in case you are dating him, he won’t hit you back but he will send you packing back to your parents.

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