A-level Curriculum to be changed to match up the O-level Curriculum

A-level Curriculum to be changed to match up the O-level Curriculum

The country’s National Curriculum Development Center has disclosed that talks are underway to redesign the A-level curriculum to match up to the O-level Curriculum as well as the job market.

During an interview with a local publication, Mr. Mathias Mulumba, a curriculum specialist confirmed that the research department is going to carry out research to confirm what is relevant for the current environment.

“The research department is going to do a needs assessment and this will inform us what the market wants in A-Level.  We have already made a proposal to the line ministry and we are waiting for money to go and survey the country and get the views of the stakeholders,” Mr Mulumba stated.

Aside from the A-level market, universities are to be consulted since most of the students that graduate from high school right away join the University to partake in the available course.

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“We will interview more than 3,000 people across the country, including university institutions on what can change,” he further stated.

Also, the A-Level curriculum change is not only because that of O-level was changed but because this curriculum has long outlived her existence since 1918 when Uganda was still being colonized hence the changes of the economy have evolved over time.

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