4 hot reasons why Dianah Nabatanzi inspires me

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In this article, I will share with you my view and my story of why every youth should follow Dianah Nabatanzi. Dianah inspired me to do some of the things I will be sharing with you in this article. It was one day when I turned on my Television set because I was so bored like really bored. That day I was home alone and I didn’t have much to do. Therefore I decided no to watch movies and watch TV more so a local channel.


I then started navigating through all the channels, however, I landed on BBS Terefayina, and found a certain beautiful lady there. Of course, she caught my attention and I didn’t even blink. Oops.. she was going for a commercial break konze maybe I can keep around and wait for her because I was desperate to know her name. After all the adverts, she returned and said:” kulikayo mu bulango okyali ne Dianah Nabatanzi ku program Kiri kitya”.

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Dianah Nabatanzi
Dianah Nabatanzi having fun with children

Ahh!! I now had to watch the program until the end. However, I enjoyed the whole program and marked the time she was ever live… Therefore every week from Monday to Friday at 2:00 pm I made sure I never missed her program. Surprisingly, I also started watching her acting on Bukkedde TV… Guess what I got so challenged because watching a woman working tirelessly for a better life and me a guy am just kulela ngaloooo, hmm I thought about it.

Therefore I started writing down a few quotes she used to provide during her program. These helped me to change my life positively and wow thanks to FaceBook… I followed her Facebook page and surely I never miss her updates.

But why did I even start following Dianah Nabantanzi?

Dianah Nabatanzi is a simple lady who does not discriminate. She welcomes all persons no matter their status. I have never met her but hopefully, I guess she is a caring and loving girl… Hmmm according to the way she dresses, she seems to be a God fearing person. Therefore this makes her show suit all ages. Dianah likes giving back to communities and I am pretty sure she has inspired very many girls out there…

Do I know any information about Dianah Nabatanzi?

Honestly speaking, I dont know anything because I have not had any interview with her, however, there is some information on the internet that talks about her life… Maybe I will bring you her Biography…

Thank you for reading this article and if you have liked it.. comment in the comment section below. I wrote this post to appreciate Dianah Nabatanzi because it is no crime to appreciate good people.

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