For a number of days now, social medi users have been teased about how there is a viral leaked tape of a couple doing bad manners.

This was dubbed the Kasese s3xtape.

And despite attempts by many to land their lustful eyes on this video, it hasn’t been possible.

The video was dubbed as one of the best and set to wash away the Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality MP Kabuura’s wife’s tape and the Kabale tape.

Finally we did get it and we shall let you decide for yourself whether this tape deserves all the hype it has been getting.

In the video, the man is seen arranging the phone so that he can record himself and his woman eating the forbidden fruit.

He then proceeds to insulate himself before starting to devour his woman like a hunger tiger

Without further ado, the video is below for you to compare and contrast.

Kasese drops banger

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