Video: Blogger Isma Olaxees praises Namazzi Karungi Joy’s waterlogged sumbie

Blogger Isma Olaxees has praised Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality MP Kabuura’s wife Joy for being so waterlogged.

Isma at first criticized Joy for being shameless by undressing before the camera and wondered why she would go ahead to serve the MP’S beans.

Isma however said that she’s so naturally endowed as if she has a lake in between her legs.

For Isma who fears to swim, he wouldn’t dare ask for her sumbie.

“But women from the west you can also ashame. Why go around giving a n entire MP’s beans to whoever cares to chew your sumbie. But jokes aside the babe really had lots of waters oh. Peope have really lost morals and we are like animals. The woman was all in the camera with her fat naked body on display without shame. But she really has waters. And like me Isma who doesn’t know how to swim, I wouldn’t dare go near her because I can drown. She  however needs a polythene because she can live your bedsheets drowning especially like me who imports my silk bedsheets. There is a way she was boiling down there like she has a river inside of her. Now if she falls on the likes of Lwasa or Grenade, you would see how their lick and drink her water melon,” said Isma.

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