Video: If you can’t give me kameeza money of shs 1m, leave me alone- Maritza


NXT FM Morning Switch cohost Maritza has left social media in an uproar. This is after claiming that if a man can’t afford to give her kameeza money of 1 million shillings, they shouldn’t bother trying to date her.

Boldly speaking in a video, the former Kfm presenter said that of this 1 million shillings, there is a maintenance fee, and money for just being in the man’s house.

And this 1 million shillings should be on a daily basis not weekly or monthly. This left comments blasting the radio personality with different people questioning whether she thinks she’s Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna or miss universe.

The figure she mentioned might be outrageous and ridiculous but there are other women and slay queens that put their men on pressure to give them such jigh sums on a daily.

This is despite knowing the financial status of their men. Kameeza money is a topic that has always had people talking in murmurs both on and off social media .

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