LinkedIn offers a paid week off to over 15,000 workers

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp restored after a second outage in a month

LinkedIn, a social network for social connection, jobs and education will give its workers next week off in a bid to help them with a tormenting burnout. This move comes as large companies are trying to find ways to help the Zoom-fatigued employees as a result of ensuring the pandemic social distancing guideline. The company will give its 15,900 full-time…

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“People are going be forced to look for the cheaper sources of data,” – internet expert reveals

minister of finance matia kasaija

The government of Uganda is proposing to remove the OTT but impose a tax on the internet data (MBs). According to the Ministry of Finance, OTT had yielded less revenue than it was anticipated due to the fact that most of the internet users resorted to VPNs which by-pass the OTT internet logical access rule. The other taxes table include;…

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